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SOLD! - 2000 Gibson Pete Townshend SG Special Custom Art & Historic Division

SOLD! - 2000 Gibson Pete Townshend SG Special Custom Art & Historic Division

€ 3.500,00 Normale prijs
€ 3.250,00Verkoopprijs

Killer SG, killer case!


Based on Pete's own 1967 SG, a truly amazing guitar.


Pete Townshend, guitarist and creator of most of The Who´s songs, used to smash up his guitars on stage in his typical “windmill style” so his crew had to sometimes give him “dummies” in order to make it through to the next concert. 


From 1968 to 1972, Pete Townshend’s guitar of choice was a cherry red Gibson SG Special. These guitars can be seen in some of The Who's most famous performances - the Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus, Woodstock, the Isle of Wight festivals, etc. Pete smashed dozens of them, but not this particular SG.


In 2000, Gibson's Custom Art & Historic Division created the Pete Townshend Signature SG Electric Guitar. Fans of The Who will recognize this SG as a faithful replica of the SG that Pete Townshend used during The Who's landmark "Live At Leeds" concert in 1970. 


The production of this model was limited to only 250 pieces worldwide. Each guitar came with a hand-signed and hand-stamped certificate of authenticity, an exclusive flight case and a protective cloth emblazoned with Townshend's signature. This guitar is all original, and includes the original case candy as can be seen in the pictures. 1 pot has been replaced.


And yes, the book and white overall are also included in the sale... ;-)

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