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SOLD! - 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 3PU 3 pickup

SOLD! - 1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 3PU 3 pickup

€ 4.200,00Prijs

This is an all original 1981 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with no modifications, breaks, cracks or repairs. If you want we can put an Aged Bigsby B7 on it with a Vibramate. Doesn't need drilling and can be removed in minutes keeping the guitar all original.


Jimmy Page's Black Beauty Les Paul Custom was famously used at the Royal Albert Hall concert January of 1970 and on many many studio recordings Page was asked to step in as a hired hand. The guitar was stolen shortly after and only in recent years recovered. For 40 years Page insisted the three pickup Black Beauty was the best Les Paul guitar he'd ever played, and an even better guitar than his much more famous No.1 and No.2 he used non stop during the rest of Led Zeppelin's days.


In 1976 another Englishman played and recorded live what has been thought to be one of the finest live rock albums ever. He played the concert with his 1954 customized Les Paul with 3 humbucking pickups. In 1980 that guitar was on a cargo plane in Venezuela which crashed just as it tried to take off. The guitar was not destroyed in the crash, as had been believed. It was ferreted off by a pragmatic local, who then sold it to another local man. It took thirty years for the guitar to find it's way back to Peter Frampton, where he could make it come alive again.


There's no question about it: 3 pickups offer a different variety of tonal color than a 2 pickup Les Paul. But moreover, the reason you to want to own one is you wish to stand out from the crowd, or it could be you so love the sounds from the legendary concerts you feel you must have such a guitar. 


These are the kinds of guitars that when you see one in a guitar store, you generally have to ask someone in order to have a look at it. On stage, people will notice you and ask you if its a real one. You will love it. And people will love you ;-)

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