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1978 Fender Telecaster Black Custom Color

1978 Fender Telecaster Black Custom Color

€ 4.250,00Prijs

Really nice and all original 1978 Fender Telecaster in the custom color Black.


Has the über cool Keith Richards vibe and sounds alike! The staggered polepiece bridge pickup sounds agressive and twangy and the neck pickup sounds warm and rounded with lots of clean bells. Pots, electronics, switch, pickups, F-tuners, pickguard, knobs, ashtray, bridge, saddles etc are all original to this guitar.


The body has dings, dongs and scratches all around but it is, apart from a big nasty rat-nibbled-chunk-o-rama near the jack output (someone thought it was a good idea to attach the case hinge on the rear/bottom with 2 finger-sized iron wood screws instead of having it professionally pop-nailed, as was the first thing we did...) in fine condition after 36 years on the road. If you paint that spot black, you'll hardly see it on a black guitar but we just leave it as is, to be part of the history of this Tele. Weighs just a small step over 4.0Kg on my scale.


Comes including the original Fender rectangular hardshell case with dark red lining (center pocket seems to be removed), a 1978 Telecaster chrome pickguard that has been on this guitar since the day is was bought new, and the original ashtray cover.

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