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SOLD! - 1976 Marshall JMP Artiste 2068 100w Reverb EL34 Amp Head

SOLD! - 1976 Marshall JMP Artiste 2068 100w Reverb EL34 Amp Head

€ 1.500,00Prijs

The sound of glorious '70s hard rock awaits you and your vintage axe with this hard-hitting Marshall tube amp. Cover your ears and head off into oblivion! This is 100w of pure vintage British Marshall valve tone with 2 channels, 4 inputs and a reverb.


The 100w Artiste 2068 Reverb head is pretty rare and hardly ever for sale. Especially in this amazing unmolested all original condition!

You're basically getting a wonderful mid 70's JMP amp for a fraction of the price and these Artiste amps are sure to increase in value by the day, especially in this amazing near mint condition. The Reverb channel has a big clean sound, the normal channel just roars like a plexi.


For some reason these were not as popular in the 70's as the Plexi era amps and it was usually overlooked. You couldn't be more wrong though: this Artiste is just as loud and killer sounding as any other of those vintage Marshall amps. But it can also sound 3D chimey and almost hi-fi trebly like a VOX AC30 or a Fender Blackface for that matter. Plus it includes an onboard reverb circuit for those in need.


ps: If you want it can easily be wired into a Plexi without changing the fundamentals of the amp as they are basically the same for the V1 non reverb channel anyway with the same stack of components. But I wouldn't as it is so clean and original and already sounds like a plexi without the mods.... 

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