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SOLD! - 1970's Aria "Flame" 12-string model 9294 Made In Japan MIJ

SOLD! - 1970's Aria "Flame" 12-string model 9294 Made In Japan MIJ

€ 999,00Prijs

The mid 70's Aria model 9294 is a typical lawsuit ERA Gibson J-200 Artist Grand Jumbo type guitar, all hand made in the Matsumoku Factory, Japan, by Aria


it has a clean Spruce top, amazing flame Maple back and sides, bound Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, 12 individual chrome plated machine heads and a beautiful double mirrored pearloid flower pickguard.


It also has a very good Fishman pickup installed and out luthier replaced the nut (bone) and bridge saddle (bone and intonated), dressed the frets and gave it a proper setup with low action.


It now really lays amazingly easy and it sounds like a bell-tower!! 


If you're into countrified bling on a budget, these old Japanese made J200 clones sure can't be beat. It's got real pearl all over the neck and headstock (minus the Aria logo) and a beautiful translucent flower pickguard.


It plays super easy and has that big boom, mid-frequency response and clarity that we all expect from these Grand Jumbo full scale guitars and x-bracing. What this type of guitar does really well is remain clear sounding even while you're playing the heck out of it to push the volume out there, hence the reason full-on strummers in the know tend to prefer jumbo models.


The beautiful "Bat-wing" decoratively-cut rosewood bridge is spot on and holds a luthier installed and intonated bone bridge saddle. Nice pearl inlay in a beautiful rosewood fretboard. The neck shape is C-shaped and feels like a 50's Gibson. The 3-piece construction of the hard maple neck is very smart: it's what has kept this neck perfectly straight and stable over time. There's a market tendency towards adoring 1-piece necks but they're far less stable than multi-piece necks as far as I am concerned.


There's light pickwear and a few tiny scratches and dings here and there but overall this guitar is surprisingly clean. The neck has seen a small crack in the past but it was repaired very well and it is hard to see. Stable for over 40 years!

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