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SOLD! - 1970 Marshall 4x12 1960A Basketweave cabinet Celestion G12M T1221

SOLD! - 1970 Marshall 4x12 1960A Basketweave cabinet Celestion G12M T1221

€ 2.750,00 Normale prijs
€ 2.250,00Verkoopprijs

This is a great sounding original re-tolexed and rewired Marshall 1960A cabinet with 4 x 1970 PRE ROLA Celestion G12M T1221 25W Greenback speakers in perfect condition!

This cab sounds absolutely super nice. Roaring and smooth. No cone rub, no shizzle, no fizzle. The speakers all run very smoothly and sound amazing. The cabinet was professional recovered in thin black levant tolex and still has the original basketweave grill cloth, handles, woodwork, speakers, etc. The backpanel has a restored jack input and the cab is re-wired with 0.75mm OFC copper wire.

Killer vintage tone, clear highs with strong lower mids. The cab is super acoustic and the speakers test perfect. All cones run free, no rub, buzz, fuzz or other weird sounds.

The T1221 is the legendary 'greenback' speaker. First introduced in March 1965. It is the standard specification 75hz G12M guitar speaker and a very popular speaker with rock guitarists. This speaker type has a nice 'juicy' compressed tone when pushed hard, with a warm mid-range. Often described as 'woody'. It was the stock speaker in Marshall lead guitar 4x12 cabinets from the mid 1960's right up until the early 1980's and was also used by many other brands such as Laney and Orange. As such, it can be heard on countless classic rock albums and has been used by countless legendary guitarists.

G12M T1221 Greenback
Matching date stamp on all 4 speakers HC19R (19 August 1970)
Matching Pulsonic cone stamp on all 4 speakers 25 102 003

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