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SOLD! - 1970 Marshall JMP 1930 Popular 2x10 Mini BluesBreaker w/ Tremolo

SOLD! - 1970 Marshall JMP 1930 Popular 2x10 Mini BluesBreaker w/ Tremolo

€ 2.200,00 Normale prijs
€ 1.899,00Verkoopprijs

This vintage 1970 Marshall Popular model 1930 looks super cool and delivers classic Marshall rock tone at your fingertips.


When cranked it has got the best mid 70's Clapton/Stones/Faces tone you've ever heard. With a Rangemaster or a TubeScreamer in front the tones are absolute KILLER. These amps are pretty rare and they have become expensive little rockers!


It comes in a 2 x 10 combo that you will LOVE to record with in the studio. An original vintage set of matched tubes have just been installed. It'll take pedals (like for example a Tube Screamer or a Treble Booster) extremely well but honestly the superb tone that comes from hitting this amp on full gain with a set of humbuckers will be enough to please even the most uptight tone junkies.


The tremolo sounds wonderful. It's warm, lush and dynamic without stepping out in front too much. If you read about these amps you'll see that some people claim they produce quite a bit of noise and hiss at lower volumes. While this is true to a certain degree, it is equally true that once the amp is cranked up this is no longer an issue. It is a great vintage amp to add to any collection and I know that several Les Paul Players and Clapton afficionado's would love to have this amp when they hit the podium. 


This Popular has seen some work over the past 5 decades but it still houses it's original transformers, cabinet, Elac speakers, chassis etc. The serial number, transformers, pots and parts indicate that the amp was man