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SOLD! - 1968 Gibson ES-335 TD Sparkling Burgundy to Gold Metallic

SOLD! - 1968 Gibson ES-335 TD Sparkling Burgundy to Gold Metallic

€ 9.995,00Prijs

Talking about a guitar with mojo!!! 


Very rare all original custom color 1968 Gibson ES-335 TD. The rare Sparkling Burgundy finish, only offered between 1967 and 1969, has faded incredibly an looks stunning... Now we have seen a faded Burgundy before and if you Google them there's a few that come really close to this one but WOW... Have you ever seen one faded to GOLD??


The front, back, neck and headstock show some very cool fading, weather checking, dings and dongs. The finish on the backside of the neck shows wear and the typical oxidation found on metallic finished surfaces, but it is well adjusted and comfortable to play. The finish looks like it is at least 3 or 4 layers of Burgundy, Gold and Red showing several finishes where the finish was chipped or worn. Just amazing.


The two "Pat.Nr.-Decal" pickups never had their covers off, all solderjoints, pots, electronics etc are original and untouched, as are the plastics, knobs etc. 


It is a very warm sounding and well balanced guitar in a finish that will turn heads and looks hammer in the stage lights. it is comfortable to play and you will love this one for sure. The guitar comes in its original black Gibson hardshell case.

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