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SOLD! - 1967 Orginal Marshall Pinstripe 1960B Straight Cabinet 4 x PRE ROLA G12H

SOLD! - 1967 Orginal Marshall Pinstripe 1960B Straight Cabinet 4 x PRE ROLA G12H

€ 4.500,00Prijs

Here's a super rare find!!


A vintage 1967 Marshall 4x12 Pinstripe 1960B Straight Bottom cabinet, with 4 x original PRE ROLA Celestion T1281 G12H 25WATT's from 1967. (The '67 50w Plexi on top is also for sale, check our other listings!)


The original Pinstripe cloth is all there and has a few small tears in the front as pictured. You could pretty easily repair it (or have it repaired) or leave it as is. Its all the more MOJO to you ;-) 


The condition of this cab is pretty good, with a few scuffs to the tolex. The logo also is the original 1967 Marshall logo. Metal handles, tolex, pinstripe, wood, speakers all seem to be original 1967. The tolex of the cab has once been painted red, and then back to black. The backpanel however was never painted as the previous owner had a custom built open back panel in there, bit like a Dumble cab.


All speakers have a clear MM date stamp (December, 1967), smooth finish chassis with a single tab, control & T1281 model stamp and the original and clean 12 102 003 and 42/ 102 003 75Hz cones.


The T1281 is regarded by many as “the Hendrix speaker” because he can clearly be seen using these cabs in old footage. They are loud and bassy, with the thick sounding lower mids. Also used by countless other pioneering guitarists back in the 1960’s such as Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore. The T1281 is probably the most sought after greenback model of them all!


We have played and tested this cab and it really has a sound to die for, its just something truly different!!


All 4 speakers stamped on the front gasket:

- T1281

- Small circular Quality Control stamp "Insp 48"

- Date code 13MM, 18MM, 06MM (all early-mid december 1967)


Original conus stamps:

12 102 003 

42/ 102 003

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