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SOLD! - 1965 Fender Super Reverb AB763 Blackface

SOLD! - 1965 Fender Super Reverb AB763 Blackface

€ 2.200,00Prijs

Legendary amp. Can do anything from lush vibrato-reverb surf-sound to warm tube distorted blues rock and SRV. To be heard on countless of albums all over the globe. This amp just Rocks and an example of a great Fender clean tone that is hard to beat. Pull the V1 tube, use the tremolo channel and dial in the volume: instant Stevie Ray Vaughan / John Mayer tone at your fingertips! Now all you need is a bit of talent ;-)


The Blackface Super Reverb is simply one of the best amps out there! People mistakenly assume that just because it can get loud that it has to be loud. On the contrary. You can play any size venue with these. Of course you could use it to make your pants flap if you crank it, but it can also sound warm, sweet and rich at low to moderate volumes and it can provide luscious tones at any volume. And they are pretty ok to haul tot a gig: not AC30/Twin heavy but somewhat in the Fender Bassman league.


This amp is the secret to Stevie Ray Vaughan's tone. A Gibson Les Paul to a cranked Marshall Stack is what a Fender Stratocaster is to a Super Reverb. Perfectly matched. If you've never tried one I highly recommend giving it a shot. The reissues don't even come close to the sound of the old originals. The key to all this is to get one from the early 60's. These are the bees knees.

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