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SOLD! - 1964 Fender Tremolux AB763 Blackface piggyback + 2x10 cab

SOLD! - 1964 Fender Tremolux AB763 Blackface piggyback + 2x10 cab

€ 2.300,00Prijs

All original European Export - Dutch import amplifier!

It can be used in the US with 110Volts as well as in Europe on 230Volt and anywhere else in the world where there's a power outlet :-)


This Tremolux is in near mint condition and was always handled with care within the collection. 


It is one very versatile amp in that it can be extremely clean and crystal clear when played clean, and although the natural overdrive in this amp is quite beautiful as wel, it can be pushed beautifully with a volume or clean/OD boost pedal! The tone of these things is simply amazing. It has a rich, punchy bottom end and clear highs. It really sounds great at lower volumes and shines as you turn it up. It can get loud if you need it but ,most of us don't set the volume above 3 or 4. It sounds great with all varieties of guitars and can be used with Strat's, Tele's, Les Paul's and hollow bodies. 


Most people that have ever tried one don't looked back and never sell it. They are solid as a rock. This is the sound that many high end boutique amp makers try to reproduce, and you can have the real deal for less in pristine condition. 


For those who've never played through one: here's your chance to be enlightened.

For those  who've sold their's long ago and now regret it: this is your chance to redeem yourself.

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