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SOLD! - 1962 JMI VOX AC4 smooth vinyl tolex & metal vents

SOLD! - 1962 JMI VOX AC4 smooth vinyl tolex & metal vents

€ 1.995,00Prijs

Sweet Baby!!

Here's a cutie for you: an all original (but for a few serviced caps) 1962 VOX AC-4 in excellent condition and perfect working order.


It has the original smooth vinyl tolex, brass vents, stock transformers, and even the stock "woodie" footswitch! Powered by a single EL84 power tube, EZ80 rectifier, ECC83 tremolo oscillator/buffer and an EF86 pre-amp tube, this amp delivers classic Class A Vox tube tone at bedroom volumes, with a tone that stays beautiful crisp and clean when played with a strat or tele, but it roars like a little lion when played with a Les Paul with humbuckers or P90's.

With simple Volume and Tone controls, the circuit is the perfect platform for highlighting the guitar plugged into it, with a dynamic sound that can vary notably based on the pickups that are pushing the original 8" Elac speaker. The tremolo is pretty cool with a whopping & warbling three-dimensional quality that belies the amp's small stature. Still wired for the original 240V power as well.


The circuit is pretty much left alone and point-to-point wired, with original transformers including the Richard Allan model 5200 output transformer, original Mullard mustard capacitors and the stock Elac 8C 8" alnico speaker with its original cone and a clean gray frame. The faceplate and underside of the chassis retain clean, original silkscreened text, and the original bakelite pointer knobs are intact. On the rear panel, the original metal Vox serial/model plate is intact with clean text and only light surface wear.


Overall, this is a very clean, complete, and early AC-4. The original covering and brown diamond lattice grillcloth is intact and in great shape, with light wear on the bottom front edge of the cabinet, as well as light staining on the top of the amp on the left side, near the brass vent. Given the fragility of the grillcloth, the condition is actually quite remarkable, and the cloth has only one spot of wear along the top edge of the speaker cutout. The original rubber feet, brass vents, and molded black handle are all intact as well. Only thing is that someone at some point put another handle on it. That was removed and restored back to original.


And look at that: even the original handmade "woodie" tremolo footswitch is there!!

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