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SOLD! - 1962 Fender Jaguar Slab Board Sunburst refin w/OHSC

SOLD! - 1962 Fender Jaguar Slab Board Sunburst refin w/OHSC

€ 4.700,00Prijs

Super cool all original 1962 first year Jaguar that has all original parts, neck, tuners, pickups, pots, electronics, knobs, plastics, OHSC Brown Case etc.


The body has had a pro refin in Sunburst and was aged to perfection, looks like the real deal! The maple neck has a beautiful slab board rosewood fretboard with clay dots, pots date 304-6145 and 304-61xx, neck stamp 1 APR 62B, neckpocket date 2-62, original shrunken pickguard with original aluminium shield, original pickups, knobs, wiring, cavity shielding, etc etc.


The Fender Jaguar began life in '62 as the typical surf-rock guitar but it wouldn’t be until the late ‘70s, when Punk emerged on the scene, that the forgotten Jaguar would become the affordable weapon of choice for the Punk rocker on a budget. 


Punk hit big in 1976 in London and New York. And while the real thing flamed out almost as soon as it started, punk had seismic effects that continue to reverberate throughout popular music and culture. While many punks simply couldn’t afford a Telecaster or Stratocaster, the dust-covered Jaguars that had sat ignored in darkened retail corners for years were practically a steal. Punk and its subsequent mutations resurrected the Jaguar.


The real iconic status however came in the early 90's when Punk-inspired Grunge musicians began utilizing the Jaguar's raunchy and unpredictable tone to fuel the newly lit fires. In the hands of modern guitarists like Kurt Cobain, an anti-hero’s anti-hero who often slung a left-handed 1965 Jaguar during Nirvana’s intense and meteoric early ’90s reign, the Jaguar became a statement for guitarists all over the world.