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SALE! - 1962 Celestion G12 Alnico Silver B024 Pre Rola T652 12inch speaker

SALE! - 1962 Celestion G12 Alnico Silver B024 Pre Rola T652 12inch speaker

€ 500,00 Normale prijs
€ 395,00Verkoopprijs

As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, we feel that it is time to cheer you up with our BIAJ Autumn Sale 2023 !! 🐝 🐝  🐝


STOCK SALE!! We are selling some very rare and coveted vintage speakers from our stock - check out our other ads!

Super rare 1962 Celestion G12 Alnico Silver B024 12" Speaker in excellent condition that sounds simply stunning!

Tested and checked, No issues whatsoever. All original, no repairs, original pre rola RIC1KK cone. Runs smooth and sounds super crisp!

Celestion G12 Silver Alnico
model B024
8 Ohms
Date stamped 05FG on the front gasket (June 5, 1962)
RIC cone stamp RIC1KK

Alnico’s are easily the most collectable vintage Celestion speakers, and can be found in ‘holy grail’ amplifiers and speaker cabinets from the early to mid 60’s: Marshall, Selmer, Vox etc. So expect to pay high prices for mint examples with their original cones. Model T530 aka Vox Blue and model T652 are particularly sought after by Vox and Marshall collectors.

Generally speaking, the alnico magnet speakers are less aggressive sounding in comparison to the ceramic magnet speakers (aka ‘greenbacks’). They are very responsive speakers with detailed treble, and are famous for their clean ‘chime’ or ‘jangle’ and smoother overdriven tones. Think early 60’s guitar bands like ‘The Who’, ‘The Beatles’, and ‘The Shadows’

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