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SOLD! - 1956 Gibson J-50 Flattop Round Shoulder

SOLD! - 1956 Gibson J-50 Flattop Round Shoulder

€ 4.750,00Prijs

***** Absolutely a dream instrument and a must-have for players and vintage guitar fans!! *****


Mid 50's Gibson J-50 guitars are certainly the dream of every singer-songwriter and absolutely unbeatable for studio recordings. Gibson’s Roundshoulder Dreadnought guitars are just legendary.

This guitar has these typical growling basses and a deep warm woody tone. It brings an enormous volume paired with a mild and typical vintage nuance. The wood is old and dry and resonates like no other.

The Gibson J-50 features the same specifications as its sunburst sibling, the J-45. It is the so called workhorse among the Gibson guitar family - it will never let you down, always ready when you need it. Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, Brad Paisley... the list of famous players is long!

This J-50 has a cool vintage look and is an absolute head turner. The ageing has naturally developed over the many years in which the guitar was played and loved. The guitar could certainly tell hundreds of stories and it is full of songs that have already been played on it. And you know it sound amazing if it looks this good!

Over the years quite a few repairs have been carried out on this guitar to bring it back to life. Several cracks have been glued and it has received a new bridge and pickguard. It also has received a neck-reset and de nut on the truss rod was broken off but there still is tension on the neck and the frets have been dressed and levelled so it plays super nice and very easy with a sweet low action on a very comfortable real 50's neck. The nut can be fixed however, Stewmac has a special set for it and there are luthiers out there that can do it.

It is definitely not the collectors piece but for those who want to have a players guitar with that magical tone: this is the one!

The guitar comes with a newer hard case, or the 50's case pictured at an extra cost.

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