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SOLD! - 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop w/ Wraparound

SOLD! - 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop w/ Wraparound

€ 17.995,00Prijs

This is an original 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop in very original condition.


It has a headstock repair that is not the winner of the "Best Looking Headstock Repair Ever" award but it is pretty old and super stable. The back of the headstock/neck was filled with a piece of old mahogany and refinished. (If you want the repair fixed to the point that will be absolutely invisible, we can. I have made an appointment with Florian Jaeger and he can make it dissapear like you wouldnt believe. Costs about EUR 1.750 all in)


The good new is that the pickups, pots, wiring etc are original and the solder is untouched! This guitar really sings and is LOUD acoustically. Plugged the neck pickup is warm and bluesy and can really roar, the bridge pickup is sharp and twangy and can do searing lead solo's if you can... This beauty has been played a lot and for a good reason!


The body shows its age and as you can see from the photos there is extensive finish checking (but no overspray), a few areas on the top where the finish has gone through to bare wood. There has been a sticker on the top at some point and the checking has moved around. Also it has seen a Bigsby in the past. Maybe original, maybe a later installment. The color fading, "snakebite" and 3 holes around the strap pin are letfovers from the past. The keen eye also can see it has been hanging in the shop window for quite some time as the hangtag around the pickup switch left a shade on the gold!


Many guitarists consider this to be the ultimate "blues machine" -- the sustain on this guitar is quite unbelievable -- and I for one think they are spot on...

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